Monday, December 28, 2009

Tools that Linux / Unix is missing.

Centralized management of iptables / IPF. I would like one infrastructure server where I can define rules templates and propagate them to multiple servers.

Centralized management of File systems baselines. Although there are multiple tools to do this. I would like something out of the box I can just install and integrate F-check or Aide or Bart.

Centralized management of Audit Rules. I strongly prefer Linux auditing facilities to Solaris. I think Solaris needs to dump their engine and get on board with the Linux version. Then I want a better way to capture audit events. A secure channel communication between client and server. nfs mounting /var/audit to a central server is not a good solution.

Centralized patch management services. A local patch server where I can segregate machines into groups like Dev, Test, Stage, and Prod and then patch each group differently. I would like to patch the dev machines and then after to weeks patch test and then two weeks patch stage and then promote machines from stage to production, re-provision the previous prod machines as dev with the newest build and start the patch process all over.

I sense a theme here, enterprise level security management features.


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