Wednesday, November 12, 2008

SR Unix Engineer.

Son, there comes a time in everyman's life when he must take one for the team. For you that time is now. I am currently taking one for the team. I left a great Linux Job with smart people, to go work on a government contract supporting mostly Sun Solaris. Now Instead of being a SR Admin with Engineer work I am a SR engineer.

Here is my cost benefit analysis.

SR Unix Engineer (Govt Contr).
Low Pay -15K
Good Benefits +10K
Design work +5K
Making a difference 0K
Solid Work +1K
No after hours +5K

Linux Guru.
Decent Pay +15K
Poor Benefits -10K
Shut up and Color -5K
Working with cutting edge +5K
Based on needs, but solid Admin work 0K
45-60hrs per week -10K

The low pay is a result of government contracting. In contracting there are twice as many people as you would need in the civilian world to do the same job. People are paid less to do less. The Government expects you to get and maintain a clearance and various certifications. Many of the people on contracts do not know what the prevailing wage is on the outside, they retire from the military and then go into contracting. They assume since they are making more than they did in the military they are doing pretty good. I think I will work on contract for a few years to pay off my back medical bills, finish my masters, and then look at going back out to the Private sector.



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