Thursday, September 13, 2007

Evidence of Stupidity.

The sooner everyone accepts that those proprietary unix and toy OS' like linux have lost the corporate datacenter battle and embrace Windows as THE standard the easier our lives will get.

Heard this yesterday.

Windows has no place in the data center. Why would I waste 15% of my cpu cycles running a gui no one looks at. In 2000 Microsoft made a grab to takeover corporate services with Active directory. By tying everything into active directory we were forced to migrate our internal dnses to Microsoft. It has been nothing but headaches since then. Why would I want to replicate those headaches into my data center. The data center should be a well oiled machine with very little human traffic. If windows really wants to become a data center os, microsoft needs to drop the gui, have a system level firewall that is easily configurable via the commandline viz ( ipfilter, iptables )--edit-- I have been corrected by a windows God,netsh firewall add -- Windows firewall is extremely user friendly, that is it can be configured from the commandline. --end edit-- , turn off all needless services by default, have an ssh server, and changed the patch philosophy to a quarterly requirement. Windows requires to much work to be considered stable. A good system only needs to be touched about once every 90 days to rebuild.


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