Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Whats the Best way to learn Linux.

I have heard this question several times recently. I think the best way is to do a minimal install of Gentoo. I have heard many people say install ubuntu and mess around, but If you actually want to learn you need to get dirty. Gentoo provides the best opportunity to do this right from the start. The Gentoo minimal cd and wiki, teach you how to create file systems from the command line; to use common tools like tar, fdisk and such; how to set passwords; how to chroot an environment. The biggest downfall to learning gentoo is the biggest downfall to learning Linux. Every distro does stuff a little bit differently. Gentoo has emerge, fedora has Yum, Suse had you, There may not be a perfect way to learn Linux, but Gentoo is among the best.



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You write very well.

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