Friday, October 27, 2006

Oracle VS Redhat?

A little bit of fuss has been made of Oracle abandoning Redhat. One of the reasons to pay the extortionistic costs of a RHEL license was to run Oracle. Linux-Watch
has an article about the change. I personally am glad to see this. Red Hat needs to change. I would run Redhat on every server in the data center if the price was right. I am not saying it needs to be free. But 800 a year is


400 servers * 800 dollars a year. Give me a break. I will run fedora on pretty much everything except my Oracle servers. And now Oracle has there own linux. Well Redhat, LEARN. LEARN. LEARN. You have priced yourself out of the market. Othrs have raised thier prices because you did. Novell has already learned from this news, thier price is now about half of Redhat. The lesson is simple. Cut your prices by more than Half....~ Jerry


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