Tuesday, October 03, 2006

There are several peices of hardware I love and several I hate. Here are a few I highly recommend for use with Linux. IBM 326m, upto dual core dual opteron with 8G of mem and an Lsi Scsi card. Dell 1950, If you buy it with a perc 5i and a MD1000 drive array. HP DL385 Also an opteron Box, works flawlessly. But the best opteron machine hands down is made by Sun. the x4100 or x4200, Fast, small, great web management interface. I love these boxes.
Now machines I hate. Dell 2900, Decent machine but dell should package drivers and not force you to use their installer disk. IBM 346, Worst IBM ever made. The adaptec scsi doesn't work right. No matter what you do. adaptec should open source thier proprietary dirver and let the community fix it. It doesn't work, if you load a qlogic dirver into the box the a320raid.o core's. I like the ability to pull a hot swap drive and have it start to remirror when I stick a new drive in. Adaptec does not do this properly.


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