Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Linux vs Windows resurfacing.

I was recently forwarded a link.

I need to start off with the Oh, my; after reading and formulating my rebuttal, I think this article was written more for shock value than any technical content. David complains about not running Linux because he doesn't have any time. hmm, as any decent Linux admin will tell you the number one reason to run Linux is you don't have the time to properly administrate a windows environment. Just based on the amount of time for setup, patching, and maintenance, I am going to say declaratively, Linux takes way less time.

David complains about the excess of options to many shells and UI's. I submit, you absolutely, positively never run a GUI in a production environment. There is one caveat to that comment, I know some one will catch it, so I will go ahead, the first time you install Oracle in a cluster you need a gui. But after it is installed you shut it off.
Next I notice David refferences an ini file, hmm, probably meant .conf file. David reffers to compiling everything, when is the last time you compliled something in a modern distro that wasn't a one off, like needing apache 2.3.5. Its a misunderstanding to think you need to compile anything in the present, unless that is you have the time and you really want to.

Most of David's article is FUd and he lowers my opinion of ZDnet, my favorite part is

"I just can’t afford to waste any more time with Linux. Not when — by design — everything is held together with toothpicks, duct tape, and bailing wire.

No way. You couldn’t pay me to run Linux on my raw iron.

Never again."

Nice, very well rounded and inflammatory. So, David is permanently swearing off Linux for good. I for one say thank you. We don't need or want you...


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